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 Hello Everyone:)

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PostSubject: Hello Everyone:)   Hello Everyone:) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 18, 2007 12:27 pm

Hi everyone...I just thought i`d write a few lines to tell you all a little about myself. WELL..It finally looks like i have found a group of ppl with the same ideals:) Tbh i`ve been in a few kinships here in Middle Earth since its birth and to be honest not really settled in with them ( perhaps it`s me )....Ok bac to me...Whilst getting on in years (old bugger really) lol. I have had 2 years experiance in that other game...WOW. (there i said it) as i can see from the forum as have many of you. Having had many chars my main was a lvl 70 hunter on the server Draenor. With whom i gained the position of Officer in a guild called The Ice Drakes, for those of you that have`nt heard of them they are a large guild of some 350 members.and raids at high lvl were on a weekly basis. Whilst not knocking Wow (how can you really) i felt it was time to move on and am now i feel quite settled here in middle Earth. The one regret is that i left a lot of good friends back there .. Or though my son is still an active member of the Drakes..and i do manage to keep in touch (sneaking on his account).
Whilst being a very much casual player i am quite active, being online most evenings and most of the weekend.( work permitting ). I`d like to wish you the best of luck here in Middle Earth, and if there`s anything i can do to help any of you just ...SHOUT ...loudly!!!! Hope to see you all around in the near future Smile.....Bye for now....HAWK..

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PostSubject: Re: Hello Everyone:)   Hello Everyone:) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 18, 2007 6:41 pm

Very nice, I can see we are many X-Wow-players.
I hope I will see more of you Hawkwind.

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Hello Everyone:)
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