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Warheart - the kinship, on Lord of the Rings Online at Evernight.
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 Behaviour rules

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PostSubject: Behaviour rules   Behaviour rules Icon_minitimeMon Jun 11, 2007 9:19 pm

1. Bad mouthing to any member or the kinship itself in kinship-chat, raid-chat or kinship fellowship chat or on the forum is forbidden.

* If you have a complaint, take it first to that player and if you feel it is serious enough, take it to the leadership.
* All Members are expected to treat their fellow kinship Members with respect and dignity at all times.
* No harassing, belittling, stalking or any other behavior that disrupts the kinship’s continuity will be allowed.
* Petty arguments and disagreements will not be tolerated.
(Sarcasm is most of the time, if meant offensive of any kind not acceptable in any chat)

2. Bad language is not encouraged although understood at certain times.

* Never in zonewide channels however.
* Avoid in kinship-chat as far as possible.
* Including acronyms that mask bad language.

3. All Members should have the same civility toward other non-kinship members, unless of course they are worthy of your contempt.

* Ninja, or/and act like a fool, or/and harass any people, or breaking any inside kinship law outside Warhearts, even though you act perfect for us members is not tolerated. However, your private gaming is not in our interrest, but at once you bring it to any official-,fellowship-, or raid chat it is in our interrest.

4. No posting of innapropriate and sexually related content at the forums.

* You have to go far to cross this line, but make sure you dont.

5. We encourage our members to read the forums on a daily basis.

* Make sure to check the forum at times you get informed there is new important information there.
* It is your own responsibilty to make sure you are up to date with any rules or with any other information that might concern you at the forum.
* Sign up at the forum. Required for Officers, recommended for Members.

6. Absence from the game for more than 14 days without telling an officer or the kinship leader in advance will get that certain member kicked from the kinship.

* If you have an upcoming vacation or you by any other reason have to be away for 14 days, let Kinship master, or any Officer know to prevent getting kicked. Best way is to make a PM or a topic message about it.

* At the 14th day you will get kicked (not 15th), with no hestitation. And you are not promised to get back in again.

7. Any form of ninjaing or scamming is not allowed and will result in an immediate kick from the kinship with the slightest proof or suspiciousity by Officer or/and Kinship Leader.

* Definition of "Ninja" is dependant and can be different in many situations. Rules made and agreed by fellowship or raid have to be made and agreed before an eventual ninja.

* Say you havent agreed the looting rules after you've ninjaed, only means you should have left at once, and doesnt mean you are allowed to break the made rules.

Thanks for reading this.

- Remember jokes and attendance in chats is very welcome, and we want more of it.
Read carefully, these rules count just as much even if you dont know them.
Ask if you got questions. Do not reply this topic.

Do not attempt to discuss with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and beat the crap out of you.
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Behaviour rules
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